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        Details and specifications on: BibleWorks 8, £249, (UK RRP £279 inc VAT, saving 12%). The premier Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Latin & Syriac biblical and original language exegesis software. Includes Josephus & the Apostolic Fathers in Greek and English. With recurring word usage pattern collocation tables. now supports Unicode SBL and SIL Greek and Hebrew fonts with full export and improved built-in wordprocessor. Hebrew & Greek vocabulary learning flashcard modules, grammars. Upgrades, institution, student and network versions available. BibleWorks network & group multiple copy pricing also available.      
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BibleWorks box New Program Features | Full Contents of versions 3,4,5,6,7,8 | Unlocks | Network licensing


For program features new to version 5 in addition to those new to BibleWorks 6/7, if you are moving up from 4 or earlier, see Bibleworks 5, or Bibleworks 6, or Bibleworks 7 for version 7 features.

New Analysis Tabs
Expanded information about the current verse and search We've made significant additions to the Analysis Window. Now when you do a search, the Context Tab shows the most common words in the current pericope, the most common words in the current chapter, and the most common words in the current book. With a click, the Browse Tab shows the full context for the active verse. A plot of the current search results is shown in the Stats Tab. All of this is right at your fingertips!

Phrase Matching Tool/Related Verses Tool
Find verses with similar words or similar phrases. Over lunch in mid-2007, we asked ourselves, "How could we find all verses which are similar to each other?" Out of this discussion came the Phrase Matching Tool and Related Verses Tool. The new Phrase Matching Tool takes your current verse and finds all verses containing similar phrases. The new Related Verses Tool finds all verses using some of the same words from the current verse.

New formatting for text export
More control over copied text. We've enhanced and refined the formatting of exported text. Now when you copy and paste Bible text, it's simple to format the text and reference using custom or preset output formats. This seemingly small feature will greatly improve your daily use of the program.

Cross-Reference Window
Instantly view related verses. When you pass the mouse over the text, the new Cross-Reference Window instantly shows cross-references for the verse under the mouse. You can draw from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, New Chain Reference Bible (Thompson, 1934), Nave's, Torrey's Topical Text Book, Stephan's Biographical Bible (enabling you to distinguish the 31 different Zechariahs), and cross-references from the ESV, NAS, and NIV/TNIV. This feature works for any of the Bible versions in the program! In addition, you can build your own cross-reference files and swap them with other users.

New Greek and Hebrew grammars
BibleWorks now comes with Wallace, Waltke & O'Connor, and JoŁon & Muraoka! The main BibleWorks package now includes three standard original language grammars: Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament (Wallace), Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Waltke & O'Connor), and A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (JoŁon & Muraoka). These electronic texts include the full text and graphics of the print editions and are closely linked to the Biblical texts in the program. Previously available only separately, these texts now come at no extra cost in BibleWorks 8!

Syntactic and Thematic Greek Transcription of the NT
Another full Greek NT diagram set. We're pleased to add an alternate set of Greek NT sentence diagrams. In addition to the Leedy Greek NT sentence diagrams, William MacDonald's "Textual Transcriptions" provide another helpful and insightful arrangement of the text.

Early Church Fathers
This mammoth popular work includes the complete series of the Schaff Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers.

ERMIE: External Resources Manager
One-stop location for resources on your computer and resources on the Internet. Over time, you've probably collected a number of useful books, references, and documents in various formats (PDF, HTML, word processing formats, etc.). Add to that the myriad websites with all sorts of materials and courses you find useful in your studies. With ERMIE, you can collect and organize these local and online resources into an easy to browse catalog. ERMIE catalog files can be edited and shared with other users.

Daily Light devotional displayed in English, Greek, Hebrew, or any other Bible version
Maintain your Greek and Hebrew skills with a daily AM/PM reading. We took Samuel Bagster's well-loved daily Scripture readings and enhanced it for Greek/Hebrew review. View the readings in your favorite Bible translations, or use the Greek/Hebrew mode to display the Old Testament passages in Hebrew and the New Testament passages in Greek. A great way to start and end the day!

English Bible Text-to-Speech
If you're running BibleWorks on Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows 7 (requires supplemental voice packs in XP), you can hear English Bible text read aloud!

Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Arabic Bibles
We are pleased finally to include Bibles in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Arabic!

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (Greek)
We now include the Greek text and modern English translation of the Greek OT Pseudepigrapha. The Greek text is morphologically tagged and fully searchable.


For program features new to version 5 in addition to those new to BibleWorks 6/7, if you are moving up from 4 or earlier, see Bibleworks 5, or Bibleworks 6 for version 6 features.

New User Interface
The new BibleWorks interface is more intuitive and easier to use. The BibleWorks user interface has been redesigned to work the way you work. When you are researching a particular topic you normally progress from searching, to browsing, and, finally, to analysis of particular words. The new interface is laid out in this order so that your work flow is more natural and intuitive. See screenshots 1.

Study Guides
Learn by example. Use the full power of BibleWorks. New and experienced users will both appreciate the extensive set of task-oriented study guides that come with BibleWorks 7. Detailed instructions, complete with 4 hours of videos, will explain how to use BibleWorks to perform common tasks, like writing exegetical papers, searching Hebrew and Greek text and much more.

Support for Unicode Hebrew & Greek
Export Greek and Hebrew text in the formats you need. BibleWorks now supports both Unicode and non-Unicode Greek and Hebrew. Exporting Unicode is as simple as dragging highlighted text from BibleWorks to your word processor. Standard SBL and SIL Unicode Greek and Hebrew fonts are also included in the package.

Word and WordPad compatible.
In response to requests from many users, we have completely rewritten the BibleWorks editor from the ground up. It now has full support for Unicode and produces files that are fully compatible with Microsoft Word and WordPad.

The new editor has an impressive list of features including full undo and redo, hypertext links, graphics inserts, RTL typing in Hebrew with left-wrapped text (Unicode only), a full array of text formatting options, a Unicode character input table, plus full integration with BibleWorks, and much more.

Satellite Maps
Locate any Biblical site with the click of a mouse. BibleWorks comes with a set of beautiful satellite maps that you have to see to believe! The collection includes a full set of editable site and terrain overlays for major locations in Israel and Egypt, along with detailed overhead and elevation data and a comprehensive list of archaeological sites. You can even create your own map views, select sites to display, annotate key locations and trace journeys or battle lines. See screenshots 2.

Improved Lexicon Links
Find the right lexical entry every time. The tables that BibleWorks uses to bring up the right lexical entry when you place the mouse cursor over a Hebrew word have been carefully proofed and revised. This extensive revision resulted in nearly 50,000 corrections! All lexicons now have hypertext links for Scripture references and are also indexed so you can find all citations of a particular verse with the click of a mouse.


For program features new to version 5 in addition to those new to BibleWorks 6/7, if you are moving up from 4 or earlier, see Bibleworks 5, or Bibleworks 7 above for version 7 new features.

Diagramming Tool
Create grammatical diagrams of text, including Greek and Hebrew. The sophisticated and flexible diagrammer allows you to diagram English, Greek, and Hebrew text. You can make diagrams of phrases or of words. See screenshots 3 & 4

Flash cards
Build personal flashcard sets (print or electronic) and quiz yourself.

Greek/Hebrew paradigms
Click on a word in the Greek or Hebrew versions and the appropriate paradigm opens.

Auto-complete morphologies
As you type in a morph code, the available options appear in an automatic popup list.

Popup gloss and definitions
As your mouse passes over tagged words, a mini-window opens showing the gloss for Greek and Hebrew words.

Lexical/Grammatical Helps Window
As you move the mouse over tagged text, a colour-coded list of all lexical and grammatical references is displayed, including the introductory line from each reference.

Text colouring
Highlight text by hand or highlight search results with lasting colour and formatting.

Text comparison tool
Compare differences between multiple Bible versions.

Editable outlines
You can now edit and create your own Bible outlines that appear over the Bible text.

Clone windows
Open multiple copies of BibleWorks simultaneously. This makes it easy to save your place while you investigate other ideas.

Greek/Hebrew fonts
The new Greek and Hebrew fonts allow you to share documents in HTML, Word, Outlook, and many other applications.


Yellow highlighted items are new to Version 4.0. Orange highlighted items are new to Version 5. Ivory highlighted items are new to Version 6. Brown highlighted items are new to Version 7.


All versions and morphological databases are indexed and searchable

The most commonly used Bible translations are essentially error-free, but some specialized versions and the Greek and Hebrew morphological databases used today still need work. This is a new industry, and it will take time for these databases to settle. This is true of all packages on the market. Be wary of anyone who claims perfection in this area. Database quality is a moving target -- the more important issue is a companies commitment to correcting problems and providing a quality product. It will be a few years before the quality of these databases will be such that you can store your copy of Hatch and Redpath in the attic! Until then, serious scholars will want to cross-check final conclusions with the standard printed reference works.

Substantial progress has been made, and ongoing projects continue to improve the quality of our databases. Correction to these databases and our other versions are posted to our web site on a regular basis. They are free to download for registered BibleWorks users. As of this date, BibleWorks is the only Bible research software which offers this kind of support!


The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament, 4th Edition [HALOT]
The complete and unabridged fourth edition (2000)! 119

A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, 3rd Edition [BDAG3]
Bauer, Walter. Edited and revised by Frederick William Danker.
The standard Bauer-Danker-Arndt-Gingrich reference is now available for BibleWorks users, complete and unabridged! 79

Package Deal: HALOT and BDAG3
Purchase both the HALOT and BDAG3 for one low price! 149


If you have five or more users of BibleWorks at your organization, you may be eligible for discounted pricing through our site license policy. Network/multi-user/site licensing for BibleWorks is available to churches, seminaries, Bible colleges, universities, libraries, and other institutions and organizations.

  1. A BibleWorks NETWORK LICENSE is for up to a given number of simultaneous users (controlled and accountable "nodes") at ONE PHYSICALLY CONTIGUOUS SITE.
  2. While permission is granted to install BibleWorks on the ENTIRE site network and/or workstations, CONCURRENT ACCESS must be limited to the given number of simultaneous users licensed (such as via metering software).
  3. IF BibleWorks concurrent access cannot be controlled and verified, THEN each networked computer or stand-alone computer counts as one node.
  4. Permission is granted for FACULTY use at their homes, within the constraints of this license. That is, if a teacher is permitted use of BibleWorks at school under this site license, then the teacher is also permitted use of BibleWorks at home.
For Network pricing see below.


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Screenshot 1

Previous version screenshots

Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3 | Screenshot 4 | Screenshot 5 | Screenshot 6 | Screenshot 7 | Screenshot 8 | Screenshot 9 | Screenshot 10


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Review by Daniel J. Phillips, of Biblical Christianity, May 03, 2006
"Time would fail me to tell of thirty-two English translations, plus versions in twenty-two other modern languages. Now, free tools such as the valuable E-Sword also have a lot of free versions. What they don't have is the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic resources built in to BW7...I'm very enthused about this version, and heartily recommend it to any serious student, particularly to anyone who's a student of the original languages. It is an amazing resource, a treasure house." Read full review.

Web log for the Bible Software Review, run by Rubn Gmez, June 24, 2006 Read full review and comparison of Accordance 7, Bibleworks 7, Logos 3.

BibleWorks reviews collected by Bibleworks.com, 2006
Read reviews.

BibleWorks 6 Review by Dave Sunman, Eden.co.uk, November 2004
"BibleWorks 6 is a comprehensive, versatile and incredibly powerful tool that will enable anyone to search through any of a large number of Bible versions for individual words, combinations of words appearing in the same verse, alternative words, phrases and just about any other combination that can be thought of. Searches are easy to set up and very quick". Read full review.

BibleWorks 5 Review in Evangelicals Now, Sept 02 issue, page 22


Upgrades from version 6 & 7 and Network/Bulk buy editions available
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